Sunday, February 24, 2013

A brief note from after the election last year

This is ever so slightly "not family friendly", and was passed on to me (I think in December) as something not suitable for posting at  Be that as it may, I'll post it, and I still chuckle when I consider the comparison:


Joe Biden (D) - Promises to Keep (2008):
"My own father had always said the measure of a man wasn't how many times or how hard he got knocked down, but how fast he got back up."


Matt Damon (D), as politician "David Norris" in The Adjustment Bureau (2011):

"But we had a rule in my neighborhood, when you got in a fight, it wasn't whether or not you got knocked down. It's what you do when you get back up."

[the crowd cheers]

"And I came here to tell you tonight that I will get back up!"

[the crowd cheers again but David goes quite]

"Um...that's bullshit! We...we didn't have that saying in my neighborhood. It's just one of those phrases that uh...that has some attraction with a focus group and so we kept using it. That's not true."


Stav Blackmane (R) - from a casual conversation, and in reaction to the above quotes (2012):

"In my old neighborhood, if you got knocked down it was probably because you tried to jump your bicycle too far, or didn't hit the ramp right, or got distracted at the last moment, or were scared.  We called it 'crashing'. And there would always be people around watching too, so it was terribly embarrassing.

But inevitably, when you got back up and dragged your bike over to your little knot of friends, you'd say something like "Oh my god, did you see the TITS on that girl in the Snoopy shirt???", and you sincerely meant it too, because we were BOYS, not wanna-be politicians."

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