Thursday, November 20, 2014

This isn't really a post, just a placeholder in which to store some math-oriented graphics.





That should do it for now...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At Shelgeyr's Insistence

Once again I'm being strong-armed to post another "odd Earth-pictures" holding area...
Enjoy, if you're the type.

1)  A high-altitude view of Eastern Europe:

2)  The Eye of the Urals - Coordinates: 55.986092°, 58.961792°
( 55°59'9.93"N,  58°57'42.45"E)

3)  Ring: 1824.6 Km radius around 55.986092°, 58.961792°

4)  Rings: 2024.6 Km radius around 55.986092°, 58.961792°

5) Topography of Urals in relationship with rings (rotated CCW compared to above):

6) Close-up of Topography:

7) East Asian View, with additional rings at 3800 Km, 4273 Km, and 4630 Km:

8) Western European View with additional rings at 3800 Km, 4273 Km, and 4630 Km:

9) Urals-Centered Event partially over-wrote prior major Russian Rotational Structure:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Expanded message 001 to Twitter user Professor-Solo @Trend_Breakers


Professor-Solo (@Trend_Breakers) tweeted at 3:05pm - 1 May 14:

@SantasTavern @greencircleas @suey_park Then what is it? It sure as hell isnt true. There is no other reason why WoC need to go blonde. (

I'm sorry, Professor-Solo, but you're profoundly wrong about that. WoC's motivation to go blond is rooted in the interplay between basic biology and the "signaling" manifestations impacting courtship rituals. And by "rituals" here I do not mean social constructs - not at all. I'm talking about instinctive behaviors.

But I have to admit that you've inspired me.  For several days I've been writing a response of sorts that has turned into another of my over-long blog posts which I'll be publishing at when it is finished - hopefully sometime between this evening and next Tuesday (5/06/2014).

Just as a teaser, the article will feature Kate Upton, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Phoebe Cates, and if I can manage to work them in then probably a reference to the girls from Babymetal as well.

Stay tuned, and I'll tweet you an update when it is done and online.