Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plasma Geology: Potential Evidence - Part 01

Shelgeyr wrote:
"Allow me to skip the detailed explanation and please just post the picture.
This is to illustrate a point I did a very poor job of explaining to Starbiter."

Uhm... OK!

I am assured that there is no implication that magic was involved, instead the point (as I understand it) is that the hexagrams/hexagonal relationships depicted are indicative of electrical discharge activity.

Uhm... OK!


Update 02/15/2013:

Due to their likihood of causing massive confusion, we have removed parts 1 through 3, which makes this no longer much of a series. But since we wouldn't be astonished if there was more coming, we are renaming and renumbering this post.

So what was yesterday "Hmmmmm... (Part 4)" is now entitled "Plasma Geology: Potential Evidence - Part 01".

-- AMAS Management

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