Sunday, February 24, 2013

A brief note from after the election last year

This is ever so slightly "not family friendly", and was passed on to me (I think in December) as something not suitable for posting at  Be that as it may, I'll post it, and I still chuckle when I consider the comparison:


Joe Biden (D) - Promises to Keep (2008):
"My own father had always said the measure of a man wasn't how many times or how hard he got knocked down, but how fast he got back up."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plasma Geology: Potential Evidence - Part 01

Shelgeyr wrote:
"Allow me to skip the detailed explanation and please just post the picture.
This is to illustrate a point I did a very poor job of explaining to Starbiter."

Uhm... OK!

I am assured that there is no implication that magic was involved, instead the point (as I understand it) is that the hexagrams/hexagonal relationships depicted are indicative of electrical discharge activity.

Uhm... OK!


Update 02/15/2013:

Due to their likihood of causing massive confusion, we have removed parts 1 through 3, which makes this no longer much of a series. But since we wouldn't be astonished if there was more coming, we are renaming and renumbering this post.

So what was yesterday "Hmmmmm... (Part 4)" is now entitled "Plasma Geology: Potential Evidence - Part 01".

-- AMAS Management