Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just a few random thoughts...

During World War II, the Nazi's loaded Jews onto boxcar trains, and shipped them off to concentration camps to be killed. At no point in that experience was it pleasant for the "passengers". If I was forced to try to find something, well, not "redeeming" of course, or even "remotely positive", but if we can settle with locating one single aspect that we could safely label "somewhat comparatively less hellishly awful than it could otherwise have been, while not intending to detract from the horror", I'd have to go with "at least they were the government's trains (or government commandeered trains), and although they robbed the Jews of everything they had, I don't think the Nazi's forced them to buy train tickets".

I bring this up because although I am not generally of a conspiratorial mindset, it's become pretty obvious and undeniable that Google is essentially just a big chunk of the unelected part of the Democratic-controlled portion of our government, and I'm not at all wild about the self-driving car they've got under development. I work in the software industry, and I know quite a few human beings (studying humanity is one of my hobbies)... and this leads me to understand that regardless of their stated or even honest intentions, it would only take a mere mouse-click to turn them into personal concentration camp trains with leather seating, satellite radio, and a 60-month payment plan borne by the occupants.


I know a lot of geeks - especially Libertarian geeks - are looking forward to the Technological Singularity, whenever that's suppose to happen. Look, I know this isn't an original observation with me, so let me just jump on the bandwagon, join the choir, and engage whatever other cliche necessary to chime in and say I'm part of the crowd that's still plenty unhappy with all the apps I can't uninstall on my smartphone.

I'm not a complete Luddite... I mean I'll take a pacemaker, should that need ever arise, and I'll admit that zero-G exoskeletons sound pretty appealing (if they don't cause me to become even more overweight), but DNA (Direct Neural Access) hookups to instant demigod-like knowledge and SuperSavant+ memory seems just WAY too fraught with bored Russian hackers. Those guys I do NOT want jacking in, thank you very much.


I'm *STILL* not clear why soon after the onset of a major war with Islamic terrorists, kicked off by the Islamic terror attacks of 9/11/2001, we elected a Muslim Sympathizer and Socialist Fellow Traveler as our president.  Somehow I suspect a degree of subterfuge was involved...

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