Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Atomic Monkey Action Squad is on the loose!

A dark and shadowy figure, looking suspiciously like Harvey from, kept twisting until the lock on the cage broke.  There wasn't all that much twisting, but then again it wasn't much of a lock either.

So the Atomic Monkey Action Squad is out and on the loose, and already people are objecting, saying "wait a minute, there seems to be an awful lot of apes involved... what are you, some kind of Conservatard who doesn't know the difference between a Monkey and an Ape?

Well, let me just ask all of you diversity-obsessed speciesists; Do you have to be an American to work for the American Telephone and Telegraph corporation? Or for American Airlines? Did you have to be one of the mer-folk in order to work for Pacific Bell? Or do you have to be a bi-valve in order to work for Shell?

No! So enough of this silly talk.

"Atomic Monkey Action Squad" is our NAME, but we're proud that we hire based on merit alone. OK, merit, and personal appeal. Or bribery. Whatever! But the point is we're not just blindly speciesist.

Thank you. You are now free to go about your day.

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